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Eve and the snake

Cold Blooded Vixens Reptile Calendar

They have taken the Internet and especially the reptile community by storm with this very bold but brilliant project.The girls,the photography and of course the super stars of this calender, the reptiles themselves. This Calender has everything.

How cool is this name?  Seriously!


Huge Anaconda

The Top Five Largest Snakes in the World


Snakes both large and small incite fear into the minds and hearts of mankind. And while some snakes are totally harmless, easy-going creatures, there are large, intimidating snakes—which makes it pretty easy to see why man is fearful. These writhing, intrepid beasts are the wonders of the world, and have been for millennia. There are myriads of large serpents, yes. But there are five snakes, in particular, that are of a gargantuan size. This article will tell you all about them.

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The Rare Pinocchio Anole

Biodiversity in the cloud forests of South America are renowned for producing a seemingly constant parade of beautiful, bizarre creatures. One such tropical oddity is the Pinocchio Lizard,

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Snake Tong

Snake Tongs (Review)

Equipment and tools to help you handle your snakes   When it comes to keeping snakes and other reptiles one thing is for sure,you will need some tools to help you with your daily activity’s. Feeding is the first that comes to mind,never try and feed a snake with your bare hands!  This is probably…



Reptile Fogger Review

Raise your Terrariums humidity level with an ultrasonic reptile humidifier Ultrasonic humidifiers or foggers work by vibrating a metal disk at ultrasonic frequency causing water above it to form tinny cool mist droplets that form the fog cloud. Most reptiles require some level of humility in their terrarium and an ultrasonic fogger its the best…



Exo Terra Incubator (Review)

 Reptile Incubators If you are keeping reptiles for a while now,you will unavoidably think at some point to breed them.Most reptiles lay eggs as opposed to some that lay  live baby’s,so an incubator is necessary to archive the correct conditions for the reptile eggs you are incubating .Exo Terra launched Exo Terra Incubator Unit a…


Snake Terrariums

Reptile Enclosures : Terrariums and Snake Tanks

Several  years ago most terrariums where hand made by hobbyists mainly due to the lack of good commercial reptile enclosures, so reptile keepers (including me) would either have to modify fish aquariums or build terrariums out of glass panels resulting in poor quality enclosures and ugly silicone smeared all around the corners