corn snake

3 Reasons Why You Should Own a Corn Snake

Contemporary pop culture has driven trepidations within us. We think that every snake is a dangerous beast that lustfully craves our peril and demise. That is to say, we think that all serpents are of the Snakes on a Plane variety; suggesting that the “snakes are out to get us.” Sure, it’d be disingenuous to say that all snakes are harmless little creatures that we can cuddle like teddy bears, but it would be carelessly ignorant to believe that all snakes are monsters that will kill us without a second of thought. In fact, some snakes can be owned, and you won’t have to fear that it will aim for your destruction. The corn snake is one of the most serene, intriguing and fun snakes to own. Essentially, they are the puppies of snakes (though, they don’t bark). If you are incredulously, contemplating ownership or just indifferent, this article will sway you to the side of corn snake fandom.



The Reptile Industry : From Small to Large to Massive

It’s is always interesting to the growth of something that was small and inconsequential into something that is prominently large— this describes the reptile industry. Years ago, this was a general hobby. Then, it became a fledgling industry. Now, it is a force to be reckoned. The aficionados of reptiles have catapulted the industry into an interest that has captured the world. This article will tell you how they did it.


How Real Are Snake Myths?







Snakes are one of mankind’s primordial fears. For hundreds, if not thousands, of years, we  have been haunted by the images of the slimy skins, the dark and passionless eyes, the impaling and venomous fangs and the inherent maliciousness believed to exist. It’s safe to say that snakes are not recognized as man’s friends, and probably never will be. But how much of the rich and detailed mythology, the suggestive urban legends, and the spooky horror stories, are actually based in truth? How many of them are anecdotal hyperbole, just constructed to further the amplify the aura around the serpentine creatures? This article will reveal some the veracity of some of these myths, and there may be some surprises in store.