Snakes in Dreams

Snake In Dreams – What Do They Mean?

The very thought of a snake inserting itself into a dream can be unnerving. One can be left befuddled, lost as to why the snake appears in his subconscious. One can be left wondering as to what it denotes, what it symbolizes, if there is a message to be found, subliminal or overt. One thing is certain: a snake in one’s dream is usually a symbolization—and as to what it represents, it can be interpreted in a number of different ways. If a snake slithers into your dream, it can be either positive or negative, portentous to the good and the bad. Another things is certain: the serpent is one of the oldest symbols of this world. The snake has been deified, mythologized, loathed. Irrespective of man’s opinion on the serpent, the symbols of the creature—whether the sly serpent in the book of Genesis, or the Rod of Asclepius (the common symbol of medicine)—have illuminated the thoughts of man for millennia. The serpent has been integral into the antiquated legends, and there are myriads of myths that are littered throughout history. With this, we know that snakes are symbols, indeed. What do the symbolizations mean?