rainbow boa cross

Rainbow Boa Hybrids

Rainbow boas are beautiful animals that gained a lot of popularity in last few years.This baby’s are a hybrid of a Brazilian Rainbow Boa (Epicrates cenchria cenchria) x Argentine Rainbow Boa (Epicrates Cenchria Alvarezi).This birth was unexpected as this animals were not scheduled to be in a breeding program,but they were kept in the same rack briefly.Its turns out that’s all they needed.


Reptile Fogger Review

Raise your Terrariums humidity level with an ultrasonic reptile humidifier Ultrasonic humidifiers or foggers work by vibrating a metal disk at ultrasonic frequency causing water above it to form tinny cool mist droplets that form the fog cloud. Most reptiles require some level of humility in their terrarium and an ultrasonic fogger its the best…