Worlds Smallest Snakes

  Many people may have wondered what the largest snake in the world is, but what about the top three smallest snakes in the world?  The smallest snake in the world was discovered in 2008, and is a fairly well know snake due to the internet coverage it received.  However, finding the other two smallest snakes in the world took a fair amount of research. 


Top Funny Reptile Memes (Part 1)

Some Funny Snake Memes we found floating around the intent As with everything Hot topic,Internet memes have also spread to cover yet another subject. This time its reptiles and snakes which happens to be our favorite! So enough said..                                …

Most venomous snake in the world

Most Venomous Snake

 Which is the most venomous snake in the world ? To find the answer to this question we need to travel to Australia,a country with a notorious concentration of many of the worlds deadly snakes. To define and understand which snake has the most toxic or “deadly” venom we need to take a closer look…