Worlds Smallest Snakes

  Many people may have wondered what the largest snake in the world is, but what about the top three smallest snakes in the world?  The smallest snake in the world was discovered in 2008, and is a fairly well know snake due to the internet coverage it received.  However, finding the other two smallest snakes in the world took a fair amount of research. 

Woman with snakes

The Australian Girls Of Herpetology (Reptile Calendar)

I have recently stumbled upon on what is seems to be “The Australian Girls of Herpetology Calendar ” and i was very impressed i must say.This amazing calendar is part of a charity to support  Devil Ark (for those of you that dont know its a conservation breeding program for the Tasmanian devil) check out there website here  Devil Akr
I will now let the official press release do the talking you just make sure you enjoy those truly gorgeous photos and support this effort in any way you can!

gtp swallowing prey

Is Your Snake Not Eating ?

Before coming up with a solution to the problem “why is my snake not eating” you must first establish the probable causes. Below are some common ones:


Snakes which have been introduced to a new environment will habitually take a while to correctly adjust & consequently turn down food for several weeks. This is usually considered the norm, so before worrying about its eating habits, ensure you give it a couple of weeks to become comfortable in its new surroundings. Some snakes may need even longer, such as Royal Pythons which can need a month or more to settle in before happily feeding. Whilst in this stage of settling it is recommended to upset you snake as little as possible.