Mexican ridge nosed rattle snake

The World’s Most Endangered Snake Species

The destruction of snake’s natural habitat to make way for human dwelling has resulted in the reduction of many snake species.  The importance of snakes can not be overlooked, mainly because

  • Snakes play a critical role in our environment, because of their role in the food chain
  • Some of the snakes are at the top of the food chain (top level) predators.
  • They have a critical role in controlling insect and other invertebrate populations
  • Snakes are also food for other predators
Huge Anaconda

The Top Five Largest Snakes in the World


Snakes both large and small incite fear into the minds and hearts of mankind. And while some snakes are totally harmless, easy-going creatures, there are large, intimidating snakes—which makes it pretty easy to see why man is fearful. These writhing, intrepid beasts are the wonders of the world, and have been for millennia. There are myriads of large serpents, yes. But there are five snakes, in particular, that are of a gargantuan size. This article will tell you all about them.


Sexy girls posing with snakes (you will definitely love this..)

If you like what you see then you owe Shawn Parker a big thumbs up!!He is the man behind this beautifully photo shoots.Shawn’s strong love and intense passion for reptiles drove his life from a very young age, he is been around reptiles pretty much all his life. He even has a rich job background history to prove it. So here we go. From zoo keeper to owning his own reptile education center, from large scale breeder to importer. Shawn has also been in to wholes sale dealing with pet shops supplying them with equipment animals and feeders. And the list goes on..

Albino Ball Python

What is an Albino Snake?

If you have seen a ghostly white snake with red eyes in a recent zoo exhibit, you may have just seen a snake born with albinism. Albinism is a genetic anomaly which causes animals to be unable to produce normal amounts of melanin. Without melanin, you can’t have normal skin pigmentation, or any at all. You can have an albino snake in almost any species – snakes, alligators, humans, and sparrows have all been recorded to have it.

Snakes in Dreams

Snake In Dreams – What Do They Mean?

The very thought of a snake inserting itself into a dream can be unnerving. One can be left befuddled, lost as to why the snake appears in his subconscious. One can be left wondering as to what it denotes, what it symbolizes, if there is a message to be found, subliminal or overt. One thing is certain: a snake in one’s dream is usually a symbolization—and as to what it represents, it can be interpreted in a number of different ways. If a snake slithers into your dream, it can be either positive or negative, portentous to the good and the bad. Another things is certain: the serpent is one of the oldest symbols of this world. The snake has been deified, mythologized, loathed. Irrespective of man’s opinion on the serpent, the symbols of the creature—whether the sly serpent in the book of Genesis, or the Rod of Asclepius (the common symbol of medicine)—have illuminated the thoughts of man for millennia. The serpent has been integral into the antiquated legends, and there are myriads of myths that are littered throughout history. With this, we know that snakes are symbols, indeed. What do the symbolizations mean?


Ball python caresheet

Why Ball Pythons Are Popular

Ball pythons are one of the most popular snakes to own. It is one of the more calm, non-aggressive snakes out there, and it is pretty unlikely to cause fear or harm. If you are unfamiliar with the ball python you may be puzzled as to why it is so popular, and why so many people are becoming owners of it. This article will give you three clear, distinct reasons why the ball python is so heavily beloved.