rainbow boa cross

Rainbow Boa Hybrids

Rainbow boas are beautiful animals that gained a lot of popularity in last few years.This baby’s are a hybrid of a Brazilian Rainbow Boa (Epicrates cenchria cenchria) x Argentine Rainbow Boa (Epicrates Cenchria Alvarezi).This birth was unexpected as this animals were not scheduled to be in a breeding program,but they were kept in the same rack briefly.Its turns out that’s all they needed.


Exo Terra Incubator (Review)

¬†Reptile Incubators If you are keeping reptiles for a while now,you will unavoidably think at some point to breed them.Most reptiles lay eggs as opposed to some that lay¬† live baby’s,so an incubator is necessary to archive the correct conditions for the reptile eggs you are incubating .Exo Terra launched Exo Terra Incubator Unit a…