Reptile Fogger Review

Raise your Terrariums humidity level with an ultrasonic reptile humidifier Ultrasonic humidifiers or foggers work by vibrating a metal disk at ultrasonic frequency causing water above it to form tinny cool mist droplets that form the fog cloud. Most reptiles require some level of humility in their terrarium and an ultrasonic fogger its the best…

Reptile fieeding dish

D.I.Y Reptile Suction Cup Feeding Dish

 Here is a very easy way to make a cheap reptile feeding dish

This feeding dish is ideal for all arboreal lizards and frogs,as you can attached it above ground level next to a branch or resting platform. All you are going to need to build your own suction cup feeding dish are the following.

Paludarium Construction

Paludarium Construction

 How to build a Paludarium


A paludarium is a cross of a Vavarium and an Aquarium,it incorporates the best of both words.The element of water land and live plants makes for a truly unique display piece for every enthusiast.

Below you will find all the information and instructions to create your own slice of heaven in your living room.

Exo Terra Plastic Terrarium

Plastic Terrarium And Faunariums

Market Guide:Plastic Terrariums And Faunariums   Plastic Terrariums are often called “faunariums”  and are probably the cheapest form of container to house your snake in.This type of enclosure is perfect for  housing hatchlings and smaller  snakes while rearing them,offering a small and well ventilated temporary home.Its easy to control the temperature  and humidity and that…

Snake Terrariums

Reptile Enclosures : Terrariums and Snake Tanks

Several  years ago most terrariums where hand made by hobbyists mainly due to the lack of good commercial reptile enclosures, so reptile keepers (including me) would either have to modify fish aquariums or build terrariums out of glass panels resulting in poor quality enclosures and ugly silicone smeared all around the corners

reptile heat pad

Reptile Heat Mats And Heating pads

Market Guide: Heat Mats & Heating Pads

Here you will find the most widely used Heat Mats and Heating Pads in the market.This products have been tested and proven to be amongst the best in the reptile community,that is why the majority of  reptile keepers prefer to use them.