gtp swallowing prey

Is Your Snake Not Eating ?

Before coming up with a solution to the problem “why is my snake not eating” you must first establish the probable causes. Below are some common ones:


Snakes which have been introduced to a new environment will habitually take a while to correctly adjust & consequently turn down food for several weeks. This is usually considered the norm, so before worrying about its eating habits, ensure you give it a couple of weeks to become comfortable in its new surroundings. Some snakes may need even longer, such as Royal Pythons which can need a month or more to settle in before happily feeding. Whilst in this stage of settling it is recommended to upset you snake as little as possible.

Ball python caresheet

Why Ball Pythons Are Popular

Ball pythons are one of the most popular snakes to own. It is one of the more calm, non-aggressive snakes out there, and it is pretty unlikely to cause fear or harm. If you are unfamiliar with the ball python you may be puzzled as to why it is so popular, and why so many people are becoming owners of it. This article will give you three clear, distinct reasons why the ball python is so heavily beloved.


corn snake

3 Reasons Why You Should Own a Corn Snake

Contemporary pop culture has driven trepidations within us. We think that every snake is a dangerous beast that lustfully craves our peril and demise. That is to say, we think that all serpents are of the Snakes on a Plane variety; suggesting that the “snakes are out to get us.” Sure, it’d be disingenuous to say that all snakes are harmless little creatures that we can cuddle like teddy bears, but it would be carelessly ignorant to believe that all snakes are monsters that will kill us without a second of thought. In fact, some snakes can be owned, and you won’t have to fear that it will aim for your destruction. The corn snake is one of the most serene, intriguing and fun snakes to own. Essentially, they are the puppies of snakes (though, they don’t bark). If you are incredulously, contemplating ownership or just indifferent, this article will sway you to the side of corn snake fandom.