What is Snake Venom

How Snakes Got Their Venom

According to researches, snake venom is  a “Highly evolved weaponized saliva” and it contains proteins already found in a snakes body, as well as various other toxins.This lethal cocktail combination has evolved and mutated over time to become a highly customized venom, unique to each snake species.


Tentacled snake (Erpeton tentaculatum)

The worlds strangest snake ?     Meet the Tentacled Snake (Erpeton tentaculatum) this strange snake has remained  largely unknown to the general public,people who see it for the first time think its some sort of hoax or photoshoped but it is indeed very real. It comes from south east Asia and it lives in…

Most venomous snake in the world

Most Venomous Snake

 Which is the most venomous snake in the world ? To find the answer to this question we need to travel to Australia,a country with a notorious concentration of many of the worlds deadly snakes. To define and understand which snake has the most toxic or “deadly” venom we need to take a closer look…

Woman with snakes

The Australian Girls Of Herpetology (Reptile Calendar)

I have recently stumbled upon on what is seems to be “The Australian Girls of Herpetology Calendar ” and i was very impressed i must say.This amazing calendar is part of a charity to support  Devil Ark (for those of you that dont know its a conservation breeding program for the Tasmanian devil) check out there website here  Devil Akr
I will now let the official press release do the talking you just make sure you enjoy those truly gorgeous photos and support this effort in any way you can!