Huge Anaconda

The Top Five Largest Snakes in the World


Snakes both large and small incite fear into the minds and hearts of mankind. And while some snakes are totally harmless, easy-going creatures, there are large, intimidating snakes—which makes it pretty easy to see why man is fearful. These writhing, intrepid beasts are the wonders of the world, and have been for millennia. There are myriads of large serpents, yes. But there are five snakes, in particular, that are of a gargantuan size. This article will tell you all about them.


Sexy girls posing with snakes (you will definitely love this..)

If you like what you see then you owe Shawn Parker a big thumbs up!!He is the man behind this beautifully photo shoots.Shawn’s strong love and intense passion for reptiles drove his life from a very young age, he is been around reptiles pretty much all his life. He even has a rich job background history to prove it. So here we go. From zoo keeper to owning his own reptile education center, from large scale breeder to importer. Shawn has also been in to wholes sale dealing with pet shops supplying them with equipment animals and feeders. And the list goes on..


Awesome Snake Sculpture Creations

Her Name is Nadilyn Beato and she is  currently a senior at Parsons, The New School For Design. She is  studying Illustration and her work ranges from traditional to digital.

She  started making animal sculptures In May of 2010 after the BP oil spill occurred. Nadilyn loves animals and she wanted to help the animals in the Gulf. So she came up with a brilliant  idea of making animal necklaces of the animals affected by the oil spill. Nadilyn began to sell them and 75 % of the sales were set aside to be donated and  other 25% was used to purchase more supplies so she can continue making  more necklaces. After  four months had passed  Nadilyn had managed to raised an impressive €1,103.48 for the Environmental Defense Fund with the help of the generous individuals that purchased her awesome work. After that people continued asking her  to make more animal necklaces (i am not surprised at all) Nadilyn states “I love creating sculptures, so I continued to create animals in a variety of  forms” .Thank God for that i must say.


The Reptile Industry : From Small to Large to Massive

It’s is always interesting to the growth of something that was small and inconsequential into something that is prominently large— this describes the reptile industry. Years ago, this was a general hobby. Then, it became a fledgling industry. Now, it is a force to be reckoned. The aficionados of reptiles have catapulted the industry into an interest that has captured the world. This article will tell you how they did it.