rainbow boa cross

Rainbow Boa Hybrids

Rainbow boas are beautiful animals that gained a lot of popularity in last few years.This baby’s are a hybrid of a Brazilian Rainbow Boa (Epicrates cenchria cenchria) x Argentine Rainbow Boa (Epicrates Cenchria Alvarezi).This birth was unexpected as this animals were not scheduled to be in a breeding program,but they were kept in the same rack briefly.Its turns out that’s all they needed.

ball python care sheet

Ball Python Care Sheet

Ball python care

If you found this article then the chances are, you are looking to get some solid information on “how to care for ball pythons”. In that case you are not alone; close to 50% of all beginner snake enthusiasts start their “snake keeping adventure” with this snake species. The following article is to provide you with an easy and comprehensive introduction as to what is takes to better understand the captive needs of this snake and the means to achieve it.


Originating from Africa this snake belongs to the family of Pythons (Pythonidae) and is a small to medium sized Non venomous constrictor.

Ball pythons (Latin name: Python Regius)sometimes also known as Royal Pythons get their name from the characteristic defensive position  often taken by this snake, when frightened they curl around forming a tight ball shape while positioning the head  in the middle of the ball, hence protecting it from  attackers.

Characteristics, Size, Body type and Life Span:

Its broad head is lined up with heat sensitive pits around the mouth enabling the snake to detect its prey body heat amongst the colder environment temperature and pin pointing its position to strike even in total darkness when the eyes are of no use. Its characteristic forked tongue picks up small scent particles over the air and deposits them with each tongue flick inside a cavity in the mouth called the “Jacobson’s organ” where it’s then analyzed to help the snake determine the distance and direction of potential prey items.

Ball python’s size is typically around 3.5-5 feet (1-1.5 meters) and it’s considered to be a small to medium sized snake. Although the snake is not very long its body is very strong and heavily build. They can live up to more than 20 years in captivity with proper care. Of course the life span in the wild is much lover.

Albino Ball Python

What is an Albino Snake?

If you have seen a ghostly white snake with red eyes in a recent zoo exhibit, you may have just seen a snake born with albinism. Albinism is a genetic anomaly which causes animals to be unable to produce normal amounts of melanin. Without melanin, you can’t have normal skin pigmentation, or any at all. You can have an albino snake in almost any species – snakes, alligators, humans, and sparrows have all been recorded to have it.